Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New Release! Divided Sky (David Wolf Book 13) is Now Available.

It's been a long time coming, but the latest David Wolf book is finally out of my brain and available for purchase. Divided Sky is the thirteenth Wolf novel. Since the bodies can't keep stacking up in Rocky Points, Colorado, I've pulled Wolf to Ridgway, which is a town southwest of Rocky Points ... theoretically, of course. (Rocky Points doesn't exist, but in our minds, just like everywhere else in the universe, but I digress.)

So what the hell have I been doing for 12 months if I only have one book to show for it? I'm usually a two-book per year kind of guy. Great question. (Why are you so forward?) Let's see, I remember our nanny was out of town for a couple months last summer, so I took those two months to watch my sons. I remember it was a lot of pool time, some camping, and many other daytime excursions. Overall, it was a great break--the kind that I'm grateful I can take with this job.

After the summer vacation, I dove into The Tuscan Leopard during the fall. The Tuscan Leopard is the first in a new thriller series I will start someday. For those of you who have followed my career path, I've been threatening this for years. I will get it done, though, and that's what I'll be working on next. I've hired a developmental editor to help me through whatever it is that is holding me up with this first book in the new series, and we'll break through to the finished version within the next few months.

But, back to autumn/winter of last year, my internal fire was stoked to get back to the Wolf series, so I dropped The Tuscan Leopard again and started working on Divided Sky. And, so, I got to work on it in January, and now it's finally here.

Just like many of the Wolf stories, the book came out of my head a little broken at first, but with the help of the new editor, and of course Cristina with her plot-whispering abilities, the book came together and I now feel good about this one. I hope that you will like it, too.

What's next? Now I'm on to writing about Peter Blake and Ali Falco, and their quest to bring the deadly assassin known as The Tuscan Leopard to justice for assassinating Ali's father on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Dah! The juices are flowing for this new series again!

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Wolf and the gang's new adventure in Divided Sky.

Thanks for reading.


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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Drifted (David Wolf Book 12) Is Now Available! And Other News.

I'm happy to announce I've published Drifted (David Wolf Book 12). It's been a while since the last
Wolf was published, and I left him in a bad place in Rain (Wolf 11). Drifted begins with Wolf far into a downward slide, and the local powers that be are beginning to doubt his ability to do his job. Here's the description over at Amazon.

As the snow melts, a disturbing truth emerges. 

Colorado mountain detective David Wolf is back in the latest page-turning mystery that will leave your heart pounding and lungs pumping for air. 

A Rocky Points businessman goes missing, leaving behind an SUV drifted over in snow and a lot of questions for the Sluice-Byron County SD. But the answers are hard to come by, and Chief Detective David Wolf’s personal problems aren’t making investigating any easier for him and his team. 

As the temperatures rise in the Chautauqua Valley, the most important clue emerges from the melting drifts. At the same time, Wolf’s memories surface from the shadowy depths of his mind and back into his life. Even for a man with Wolf’s history, dealing with the case and facing his demons head-on proves too much, and Wolf is brought to his knees, both physically and mentally.
 Will the valley’s best cop rise again, purified by fire? Or will his ashes drift away on the high winds of the Rockies, leaving behind a justice unpaid?

--> Click Here to Get Drifted 

Other News/Ramblings

I now enter into a summer that will test my abilities to focus. I have two boys (7 and 4 years old) and our nanny will be going out of town at the end of June for the remainder of the summer. Somebody will have to pick up the slack with watching the boys, and I feel so fortunate that the books are doing well enough that I could watch the kids for two months and not feel ill effects financially. 

But mentally, it's hard for me to unplug and not write. I have one book about 2/3rds done, and I feel like I could spit out the first draft before our nanny goes out of town ... but I'm also doubting the direction I'm taking the new book. But damn it, I need to get the "other" book out of my brain. 

The New Book/New Series 

My wife is from Italy, and we've spent a lot of time over in Europe over the years, so I've always wanted to incorporate those locales in my writing. 

I want to write another series, but I'm hesitant to continue on the path I'm on right now with The Tuscan Leopard (the book that is 2/3rds done), concerned that the series will follow too closely in line with numerous other books out there on the market. The old, "Rogue assassin/secret agent" schtick has been done. Don't get me wrong, I want that element in the book, but I want the addition of something more unique if I'm going to put my time and effort into another series outside of Wolf. 

So, that's the mental screw-job I'm grappling with when I start working on anything other than a Wolf book. "Is this worth my time? Couldn't I just explore the same concepts with Wolf and his crew?" With a Wolf book, I know exactly who the characters are, I know the settings, I know people want to read it, there are few unknowns. It is still hard to write, but ... it's easier.  

And that's exactly why I must write a book in a completely different world, with completely different characters.  

I have a not-so-fully fleshed-out idea for a unique, compelling story, which combines The Tuscan Leopard (spy intrigue) with archeology, a touch of sci-fi--elements that cannot exist in Wolf's world. And, of course, there will be action, suspense, mystery, thrills, etc. So ... that's what I'm going to get out of my mind this summer. I've threatened it before. Many times to those around me, and to you, my reader. It's getting old. It needs out. 

Thanks for reading. Get Drifted! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

RAIN (David Wolf Book 11)

It's been eight freaking months since I've published a David Wolf book. This one took a long time. In a perfect world, I'd have three books written in eight months.

In my own defense, there's been a lot of life happening. Our family went to Italy, the nanny left for two months and someone had to watch those two kids this summer, and I tried to write a different book for two months ... and shelved it.

Honestly, I had a lot of trouble writing this last book. I found myself caught up in perfectionism quagmire too many days. It's something I'm working on, and I've committed to put more faith in writing forward. I think that the more success the David Wolf Series sees on Amazon, I feel more pressure to produce the next big thing with each release. Or maybe it was what I decided I had to do to Wolf in this book ... who knows? I don't. All I know, is RAIN (David Wolf Book 11) is now available on Amazon!

And I hope you go buy it now, and read it, and enjoy the story.

Monday, July 24, 2017

News, and ... other news

I've been working hard on the latest Wolf book, which is tentatively called The Pack.

The premise is that Wolf and Lauren are days from marriage, the reception tent has been erected on the front meadow, friends and relatives are in town, Rachette is masterminding bachelor activities, and Wolf's world is generally steeped in anticipation. And then a car with blood smeared on the steering wheel shows up outside Wolf's house.

Inside he finds Kristen Luke lying in the shower--bloodied, injured, and emaciated. But when she wakes, she can't remember what happened to her, or why she is 1,200 miles from her new Seattle field office.

And so begins a heck of a lot of trouble for Wolf.

The Peter Blake Series Book:

A month or so back I closed the file on that one, threw the computer against the wall, gave it a flying elbow drop, dusted it off, opened up a new file, and have been working on "The Pack" ever since. I'll get back to it. Probably. I'm beginning to think it's not meant to be, but I'll probably give it another go, and then move on to something else if I have to.

Audio Books:

I now have 6 audio books fully produced and for sale. Sean has finished the 7th (To the Bone) and it will be available on Audible and Amazon shortly.

Links to Available Audio Books (All available for cheap as additions to the Kindle purchase on Amazon)

1) Foreign Deceit
2) The Silversmith
3) Alive and Killing
4) Deadly Conditions
5) Cold Lake
6) Smoked Out

Introducing the David Wolf Mystery Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

The first 4 David Wolf books are now available in a bundle at a discount that equates to over 40% off the price of purchasing them alone. Please help share the word on this, and if you've read all the books, please consider leaving an honest review. Thanks for your help.

I'll keep you posted in the next month or so when I'm through with The Pack.