Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Postcard - Market Day!

Tuesdays are very cool here in Merate because it's market day. It's the same thing each week - a convoy of fold out shops on wheels thunders into town before dawn, each setting up shop in their designated spots for the morning.

Market Day Merate Italy 620


It's an exhilarating feeling to stroll down the street towards the cacophony of smells and sounds that is the 'Tuesday Market' here in Merate.

Once you're in, it's all encompassing. The smell of fried seafood dominates the air. Shop owners bark salutations and move in swift action. Patrons are happy and engaged in conversation, especially if it's good weather.

Look out, there's another beggar around the corner shoving his hat towards you. Hey, what do you know, the weird guy covered in paint is standing on the box again. Still making creepy kissing sounds at everyone? Yep. He is. Don't look...Don't look.

I find it interesting the niches people have chosen for themselves. Some tents are traveling drug stores. The prices are cheap and they do well it seems. Then there's the guy with wicker baskets and other woven-ware. "He's been in the same position for over 20 years," Cristina reminisces to me. He's not exactly hopping with customers.

There's a tent full of shining cookware focusing hot beams of light on passersby - Two trucks bursting with hardware and power tools of all kinds.

Swords - like, limb chopping swords are displayed for children of all ages to see and touch.

Then there's the section of the market that is all food. They set up shop in the local grocery store parking lot. It's all hopping here. Here the smells are strong and it bustles with activity. Three fruit stands seem to be doing well, despite close proximity to each other. Why does that one sell birds as well?  Huge chunks of cheese are cut with wire. Salami. Prosciutto. Calamari. Fish. Shellfish.

Market Day!



  1. That's got to be a great experience. My wife and I want to travel to Italy soon. I'm hoping I can get my blog going well enough to fund the trip. Thanks for the posts!

  2. Thanks for the love Steve!

  3. I LOVE market days in European towns. Of course we get the Farmer's Market's here in the US, but you don't have the variety of vendors, such as the fisherman.

  4. Yeah, it seems more like a traveling mall here lol.

  5. Dude.. it's Italy we want more food photos!!

  6. I love the markets, Jeff. Great atmosphere and a wide variety of diferent characters.

    It's also great to watch people making a living and to see how they go about it. Many very famous people started out on the markets.


  7. What a great description of market day!! Can't wait to have this experience when we aepre there.

  8. Yeah, I love them too. I'm glad they are such a big deal every week here.

  9. Nice writeup Jeff! I'll be keeping an eye out for future posts, looks like you are doing it up right over there! And Jeff,

    don't forget to...

    ROCK ON!


  10. I’m on book 7 and definitely “sold” on the David Wolf series!!! I read through each book in record time (for me that’s a week or so) but always love having another one coming. Ash