Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To the Bone -- David Wolf #7 Is Now on Amazon!

The latest installment of the David Wolf series is up and running on Amazon. Here's the link -->

I screwed up royally with this book launch, and have been scrambling ever since I hit the send button on my email to my newsletter subscribers on Monday morning.

I submitted my book Sunday night, and Monday morning was surprised to NOT see a "Your book is now live in the Kindle store!" email from Amazon. So I checked my account, and there was the new book -- To the Bone (David Wolf Book 7) -- right there in my library. It had the links to all the Amazon stores and everything. And then I checked the sales stats, and 20 people had already bought the book, so I figured heck, I'd better get the word out. It's there!

So I sent the "buy my book" email, and my readers went to buy the book. Cool!

Then I started getting strange emails. "Hey, there are lines crossed through words in the book, and underlines in other places. Is this the FINAL draft?"

I checked my version of the book that I bought earlier in the day and it looked fine to me. Psh. Yeah, it's the final draft. Thanks for asking.

Then another few emails trickled in, and then more. And then the hot sweats came, and then I realized the Track Changes was still turned on in the draft I uploaded to Amazon the night before.

Then I got a suspiciously late email from Amazon. "Congratulations! Your book is now live in the Kindle store!" My wife bought the book and the track changes edits were all fixed.

Woops. I guess I should have waited for the official word from Amazon. And now hundreds of my readers had the bad version! Like, with the first draft terrible sentences in there, and the misspellings crossed out and the correct spelling next to it, like every page. Ahh. Son of a. Ahh. Ah.

Anyway, long story short, I sent a mass email explaining the book was poisoned! Don't touch it! And that I would give any buyer the new version mobi file, just email me back.

It's been a couple days, and many, many, emails, and frankly I'm completely floored by the whole experience. Because 100% of the emails of the 500+ I've received have been completely supportive all the way. 

So I'm saying it sucked and it was awesome at the same time. Unlike To the Bone (David Wolf Book 7) which is pure awesome. Give it a read!

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  1. Jeff, I have read all the first 7 books and I really enjoy them. They keep you on the edge of your seat and I don’t want to put it down. Keep up the good work and I am looking foreword to the next one. Bob