Friday, March 31, 2017

Dark Mountain (David Wolf Series Book 10) - Now on Amazon

Dark Mountain David Wolf Book 10
DARK MOUNTAIN, the tenth book in the David Wolf series, is now available on Amazon!

I'm very excited about this one for a number of reasons. The first, and most important reason, is that I love the story. The second is that five years ago, when I turned to my wife with this crazy idea to write ... and write FICTION ... I ended my vow to her with "And I'll write ten books. Then, and only then, will I step back and judge it as a failure or success." (To her credit, she did what she always does, and said, "Awesome!")

I think that in my mind, I took the required amount of writing I thought it would take to begin making a living at self-published writing (five books) and doubled it, just in case after five I wasn't doing so hot.

In hindsight, I think the goal shows how much I really wanted to be a writer. I also think it shows my lofty ambitions, and the pessimism (or is it realism?) that all the ambitions are soaked in.

"Hey, I've busted my ass and we're still broke. But it's only been eight books! Two more to go ... then I'll make a decision, honey."

I'm fortunate I never had to say that. I was able to out-earn my day job after five books, so I was able to quit it and I've written full time ever since. Every once in a while I'll get that cry-in-your-Frosted Flakes feeling when I think about how far my wife and I have come in this venture. But more often than not, I find myself looking toward the future.

And as for the future, I'm working on that new series I keep threatening to write. I'm rebranding the books with new covers. I'm producing each book in audio, and ramping up my marketing to a new level. I'm looking at also doing an offshoot series, perhaps starring Kristen Luke. (The Luke Files?) We'll see. One book at a time, from now on.

I hope you like Dark Mountain.


  1. Jeff, you made the right decision. I started reading the series about 30 days ago and just finished Dark Mountain. I couldn't stop reading them. My only regret is that I've hit the end (for now, only, I hope). Keep writing. We'll keep reading!

    1. Thanks Andrew! I'm glad you liked the books. I'll have one this summer for you to read.

  2. We will indeed keep reading. I can't keep my hands off your books. I've book 1 through 7 in three and a half weeks. I read on the el train going to work, and coming back. I'll soak in a bubble bath with David Wolf (ha) (and - I wish). Any activity that requires more than 10 minutes of my time means another chapter can be read while I'm waiting. My fave so far is Smoked Out - gosh, to trot out a cliche: the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I only hope book 11 might come out before I read the end of the line. BIG THUMBS' UP!!!

    1. Ha! Awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying them. Yes, I remember sweating a lot while writing Smoked Out. I'm hard at work on the next one, which is the first book in a new series, and then I'll be writing a new Wolf by the end of the year.

      Thanks for reading!