Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New Release! Divided Sky (David Wolf Book 13) is Now Available.

It's been a long time coming, but the latest David Wolf book is finally out of my brain and available for purchase. Divided Sky is the thirteenth Wolf novel. Since the bodies can't keep stacking up in Rocky Points, Colorado, I've pulled Wolf to Ridgway, which is a town southwest of Rocky Points ... theoretically, of course. (Rocky Points doesn't exist, but in our minds, just like everywhere else in the universe, but I digress.)

So what the hell have I been doing for 12 months if I only have one book to show for it? I'm usually a two-book per year kind of guy. Great question. (Why are you so forward?) Let's see, I remember our nanny was out of town for a couple months last summer, so I took those two months to watch my sons. I remember it was a lot of pool time, some camping, and many other daytime excursions. Overall, it was a great break--the kind that I'm grateful I can take with this job.

After the summer vacation, I dove into The Tuscan Leopard during the fall. The Tuscan Leopard is the first in a new thriller series I will start someday. For those of you who have followed my career path, I've been threatening this for years. I will get it done, though, and that's what I'll be working on next. I've hired a developmental editor to help me through whatever it is that is holding me up with this first book in the new series, and we'll break through to the finished version within the next few months.

But, back to autumn/winter of last year, my internal fire was stoked to get back to the Wolf series, so I dropped The Tuscan Leopard again and started working on Divided Sky. And, so, I got to work on it in January, and now it's finally here.

Just like many of the Wolf stories, the book came out of my head a little broken at first, but with the help of the new editor, and of course Cristina with her plot-whispering abilities, the book came together and I now feel good about this one. I hope that you will like it, too.

What's next? Now I'm on to writing about Peter Blake and Ali Falco, and their quest to bring the deadly assassin known as The Tuscan Leopard to justice for assassinating Ali's father on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Dah! The juices are flowing for this new series again!

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Wolf and the gang's new adventure in Divided Sky.

Thanks for reading.


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